Stainless Steel Fabrication

For Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals, and More

No matter what configuration of stainless steel counters your application requires, Poole Metal Fabrication has the capability to deliver. Customized stainless steel counters in every style imaginable are welcome to the experts at Poole Metal Fabrication. With years of experience working sheet metal into precise specifications, our professional designers and manufacturers are well versed in not only stainless steel counters, but also backsplashes, benches, carts, exhaust hoods, cabinets, stainless sinks and tables.

Any Stainless Steel Surface You Need
Tough, Unique, and Fully Custom

Our experts see every project through each stage of the fabrication and manufacturing process, from the earliest design processes all the way to quality control and shipping. Whether you want a tough stainless surface that will stand-up for years, or a truly unique custom stainless table-top with a unique patina – our experts can help.

Our most common stainless steel
counter and tabletop designs include
  • Straight stainless steel counters
  • Rolling stainless tables
  • Stainless “L” counters (Left and Right Return)
  • Stainless “U” counters


Looking for a Custom Stainless Table, Countertop, or Work Surface? We Can Help

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