Custom Exhaust Hoods for Commercial, Industrial, Foodservice, and More

Whether industrial or light duty, a durable and reliable exhaust hood system is integral to the function of your business. Facilities such as manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, metal processing plants, waste water treatment, food processing, schools, pharmaceutical companies, and vehicle maintenance all depend on exhaust hoods to draw away heat, dust, fumes, and other exhaust particles.

At Poole Metal Fabrication, our experience fabricating custom exhaust hoods makes us an ideal solution for businesses everywhere.

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Steel Exhaust Hoods for Every Application
Carefully Designed and Fabricated in New England, for Businesses Everywhere

Customized designs are implemented to house a wide variety of electrical devices. Providing protection from rugged work environments in industrial settings or simply protection from everyday dust and particles in more forgiving workspaces.

No matter your specifications, Poole Metal Fabrication is able to design, manufacture and deliver the exact exhaust hoods you need for your industry. Virtually any exhaust hood application can be accommodated with our professional services which include:

Material Handling Products by Poole Metal Fabrication

  • Roll Out Shelving
  • Stack Racks
  • Wall Mounted Units
  • Rolling Racks
  • Commercial Racks
  • Bulk Storage Racks
  • Bin Shelving
  • Pallet Racks
  • Can Storage Racks
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