Quality Assurance & Control in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Whether you are working in the sheet metal fabrication industry or are a customer of a fabrication project, it’s necessary to note the importance of both quality assurance and quality control during the entirety of the project. Each step of the manufacturing process, from project planning, to project development, to implementation, is heavily scrutinized at every turn. Here are a few tips to remember to ensure your project runs smoothly, and safely and is executed correctly.

Project Planning

Quality assurance and control management in the sheet metal fabrication process begins with the consultation and planning of the project. Whatever your project may be, the project’s blueprints are the key to staying organized and help both the fabricators and customer visualize the outcome of the project. It’s also important to make sure that each order, print, or document is checked for the latest revisions then validated with the client for finishing specifications.

After the designs have been approved and before the implementation of the project begins, it’s also critical to ensure that the team of fabricators and welders assigned to the job are fit for the job. At Poole Sheet Metal, we understand how important this is, make sure each member of our team is trained and high skilled in order to perform safely and complete the project precisely.

Project Development

Precision in sheet metal fabrication calls for a proper start with only the best of materials. The materials we receive are all closely inspected for tolerance and any possible damage. We continually check for tolerance throughout each step of the manufacturing process. By taking this comprehensive stance on quality control, any issues can be pinpointed and addressed before they develop into serious problems.


When material production reaches an end, there is still work to do on our end to ensure you receive the best quality product available. Prior to shipping, a final evaluation is done and nothing gets shipped out unless it meets our highest standards. Furthermore, proper packing procedures are followed to avoid any damage during the shipping process.

From start to finish, quality has been and always will be one of our major concerns for our precision sheet metal fabrication. In a business world that offers you many options for precision sheet metal fabrication and several competitors, Poole Sheet Metal and Welding believes quality control demonstrates our ability to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, making us your top choice for future projects.

To our customers, our suppliers and ourselves, the name Poole Sheet Metal and Welding is synonymous with quality. “Assurance of quality” are three words that put a consumer at ease. The pledge that our products will be within your specifications begins before the order is placed. An established system based on document control, quality planning and production control allows Poole Sheet Metal and Welding to offer the customer superior, high-grade products.