Poole Sheet Metal & Welding Launches New Responsive Website

Poole Sheet Metal & Welding invites new visitors and valued customers to explore their newly launched website which has been created with a visually appealing interface and simplified user experience. With advanced features like streamlined navigation and intuitive functionality, the new website provides visitors with quick access to helpful information about the sheet metal fabrication and custom welding services offered.

July 26, 2016 – Poole Sheet Metal & Welding, located in Brentwood, New Hampshire, has eagerly awaited the launch and is excited to announce that the website is now live and available on any device. The company, which specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, materials handling equipment and stainless steel fabrication, believes that the new website will help to elevate their online presence and enhance their overall reach.

Poole Sheet Metal chose to partner with Page One Web Solutions, a web design and marketing firm based in Portland, Maine, for the redesign of the website. Page One incorporated the ideas and specifications provided by Poole to build a site that is as dynamic as it is attractive. The new site was developed using an advanced, conversion-driven design, utilizing imagery and simplified navigation. The new design and overall functionality of the site will improve user experience and help visitors to better understand the complete range of fabrication services offered.

The eye-catching new website has been built with an emphasis on the latest technology, yielding a site which is responsive and easy to access and navigate with all browsers and devices. When a user accesses the site using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, all components of the site scale and stacks automatically, making the site as easy to navigate as it would be on a desktop browser. The steady growth of mobile traffic over the past few years has made responsive design imperative. “It has become more and more common that our customers find us on their phones. Now it will be much easier for them to find what they need on the site, request information and contact us from just one device!” says Ken Poole. Poole goes on to say, “We knew that having a good looking website was important, but we didn’t know until now how vital a responsive website is for both the company and its customers.”

The enhanced flexibility of the new responsive site lets Poole focus on what they do best: providing their valued customers with innovative fabrication services, reasonable quotes for custom solutions, and exceptional customer service.

For a quick quote or help designing your next component, contact the experts at Poole Sheet Metal & Welding using their simple contact form, or give them a call directly at 1-888-739-8806.