Machine Safety Guards

photo-more-trays-we-madeMachine safety is paramount no matter what industry you work in. You need dependable safety guards that you can rely on to maintain the highest standards of a risk-free work environment whether you are in an office, working outdoors or in a factory setting. From simple aluminum safety guards for light duty applications to custom heavy duty manufacturing equipment guards, the experts at Poole Sheet Metal are able to design and fabricate the machine safety guards you require.

Custom Safety Guards

Delivered on time and to your exact specifications, the machine safety guards you order from Poole Sheet Metal will be comprised of only the highest quality materials and designed with precision and expertise. We take care of the complete system, from design to prototype, production, delivery and assembly.

Machine Safety Guards by Poole Sheet Metal

  • Belt Safety Guards
  • Chain Safety Guards
  • Coupling Safety Guards
  • Gear Safety Guards
  • OSHA Safety Guards
  • Perimeter Safety Guards

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